Great Impola work Day: a summary

An amazing amount of work got done on Friday & Saturday, getting us ready for this fall when the Tiny House is ready

All in all, we had 12 people work on the house for 2 concentrated days. Here’s an item-by-item list of what we got accomplished:


ITEM (listed by priority) ACTIONS/ QUESTIONS NEEDED Description
move the shed
  • decide on excavator
    • what machine?  smaller kubota tractor
    • take down shed on friday night
we needed to move the shed from the north side of the yard to the south side in order to make room for the Tiny House
grade out yard
  • get dirt from steve & julia (tim talked to them; they will reserve it for us)
The yard is not big enough on the sides to handle the Tiny House.  Also, fix some drainage/grading problems that will be compounded by Tiny House
pull out chain link fence
  • Remind Dad, Nick, Mike to bring work trucks, tools
The two fences in our yard need to be removed prior to work to move both shed and Tiny House
pull out the front wood fence see above
sewer: dig out sewer line
  • Cyn: talk with city official about side sewer card
fix parts of fence?
  • Talk to Nick in advance about fence; see if he needs to bring anything
old fence needs repairs (not related to Tiny House)
Put up bike rack
  • get concrete beforehand
Finish back wall so that extra dirt can be dumped there
Grade out back porch




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1 Response to Great Impola work Day: a summary

  1. Light Up the City says:

    Nice work!

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