Impola family reunion

This post is a month late but as they say, “Better late…” 
In June, my (Cynthia’s) siblings, parents, and I had the opportunity to go to Park Rapids, MN for my Grandma Impola’s 90th birthday. This was a real treat – for one, once siblings start getting married off, how often does one have the opportunity to just get together with her family of origin?  The trip was a super quick 36-48 hours (varied, depending on our flights) but we were all staying at the same place and had one evening together, reminiscing and remembering our growing up years. Greg’s absence was felt acutely, of course.  
It was also wonderful to see my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  It is a totally different (and much better, in my opinion) experience to relate to cousins as a grown up. There is much less of the self-conscious “I haven’t seen you for a long time” shyness that marked my growing up visits to Minnesota.  Now, most of us have kids of our own and have grown into ourselves, making relating to each other, despite the time and distance between us, much easier. 
Another highlight was visiting the Apostolic Lutheran Church in Spruce Grove.  It happened to be Confirmation Sunday and the service there captured exactly what I remembered from my childhood and I wished that Tim could be there to get a sense of this environment that shaped me so deeply. 

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