Abbey “sweet notes”

As you may have noticed from previous posts, Abbey has taken to writing notes. She writes notes to her Mom, sister, family… a lot of the times her notes are to no one in particular (she has not written anybnotes to me… trying to figure that out). She does this spontaneously, in her own free time, and constantly. They are often sweet, insightful, and touching, and creative.

I think it means she is looking for outlets of self-expression. She needs ways to articulate all the things that are going on in her sharp little mind.

I also think it means that she this is a “love language” for her. She likes to tell other people how much they mean to her, but she also wants others to do this to her. That’s something to keep in mind.

Translations below:


Song title: “I love my sister”. Lyrics: I love my sister, she’s so sweet; She’s a very nice treat; I love her because she plays with me; She’s very nice…

And don’t forget that I love you

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