Breakfast conversation between sisters

E: what day is it?

A: Friday

E: oh. Wednesday is my favorite day

A: well, i could make you a calendar so you know when Wednesday is 

E: ok. But I only want a Wednesday calendar 

A: Evelyn, they don’t make Wednesday calendars.  You have to put all the days on it

E: well, if you can’t make me a Wednesday calendar, I don’t want any calendar at all

A (obviously frustrated/ exasperated): okay, I’ll work on it

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1 Response to Breakfast conversation between sisters

  1. elliekniffin says:

    Evie, why is Wed your favorite day?
    It is also a favorite day for Oma & Opa Can you and Abigail guess why?
    We love you!❤️😁❤️

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