Evelyn’s t ball season 

In their wisdom, the Seattle Youth Baseball league elected to start baseball a year early- for four year olds, this year.  Evie’s friends decided to join, so she did too.

Things started off absolutely delightful.  For the first 2-3 weeks, Evie refused to take off her team baseball hat, or glove, or uniform.  She practiced catch with me, all the time.  And she looked forward to practice and the games.  (see her hit in the above video).

Alas, it may very well be that our lasting memory of t-ball for 4 year olds is that there is a REASON it’s not normally done for 4 year olds.  After the excitement of a new activity wore off, this became a real drag for Evie. Here she is, “playing second base” on one of her last games.


We will see if she remembers t ball fondly and wants to return next year, but I do worry that this season will be the extent of Evie’s baseball career.






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