Learning through watching

Lifted worship hands


This morning, during the worship service, Evelyn raised her hands during the song as an act of worship.

Of course, I say “act of worship” as if I know the intentions of her heart. Obviously, I don’t know for sure what the purpose of her raising her hands were.  Even if I were to talk to her about it, I’m not sure that I could accurately describe to her what “worship” is in a way that she could respond as to whether what she was doing with her hands was, indeed, worship.

That being said, I’m relatively confident I know what I saw.  She did it for the first time last week, while I was holding her, right when she began singing.  And I feel like she knew there was an element of reverence with the hand-lifting.  She only lifted her hands after she began singing, and I know she could understand what the song was about because we had talked about the chorus, before.  Furthermore, she’s normally squirmy in the service, crawling over me or the seat.  At this moment, I’m confident her attention was focused directly on the song and the song’s meaning.  At the very least, I”m confident that her raising her hand was a way of participating in the meaning of the song, and I suppose that that, in and of itself, is some base form of worhsip (right?).  🙂

At any rate, I’m proud.  I’m always on the watch for seeing how my kids grow up, and how they learn to become who they are, and how they learn to worship (in my mind, those last two things are the same thing).  Seeing Evie learn to express praise to God couldn’t make me happier, as a Dad.

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