Bookmark Day: we finish Chronicles of Narnia

So, this was pretty cool.  We actually started reading Narnia a few years ago, and we got through 3 books.  I knew Abbey was into it, but I wasn’t sure how much.  And I was confident that the concepts were only vaguely interesting.  So, at some point, it seemed like a good point to “put the books on the shelf” for a little.

This time going through them, we had no such problems.  The girls were like sponges, catching all the adventures and characters, and even being able to make predictions about where the stories were headed. I would ask them before we read each night what happened the night before for comprehension, and they were often quite good at it. As far as interest level goes, I suppose the fact that we finished demonstrates interest. But, in Tello you, it was really cool to see how long the girls could pay attention to the stories. One non school night, we read 4 chapters in almost 2 hours. The girls still were asking for more, but I thought it was too late.

Finally, their ability to absorb what the story’s multiple levels of meaning was high. I didn’t just ask them what happened in a story, but also what meanings/lessons/allusions were being referenced. While there was plenty they didn’t get, I was really pleased to see them show insight as to some less-obvious elements of the story.

It’s a special time knowing that their capacity for story and thinking is st a certain level. Now, it’s on to “what stories are next???” I’ve got a lot of ideas!…

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