Paris to Barcelona Trip (Day 7 of Europe/ Anniversary Trip)

Today we transitioned from one city to another. We will come back to Paris at the end of our trip, but only for one day. Here is our drive:
Paris France to Barcelona Google Maps
We thought about taking a train or a plane, but decided that, since there was so much to see in France/Spain, that we wanted to drive.  It’s about 9 hour drive between the two cities, so that was no small drive.  But we broke it up with several amazing stops.  Here’s a look at our drive down, with accompanying stops:
1) Loire Valley: Azay le Rideau: one of the most populations when talking to others about France. There are dozens of mansions to choose from, and we could only choose one.  We ended up choosing the one that the guidebooks said had the best landscaping. A few things struck me:
  • first, how opulent it was for its day.  The craftsmanship that goes into every hand-railing, stairway, and molding is something you can just stare at for hours.
  • Second: there is nothing new under the sun: the houses were all designed to impress others, to show off, and to display consumptive power. Owners had waiting rooms where guests would wait for days. Paintings/portraits of owners were hung all around, showing off how valiant/handsome/powerful each person was.  These are all very recognizable human characteristics, today
  • Third: your average middle class person today lives better than a king: as beautiful as these buildings are, it is amazing to think that they did not have electricity, running water, and that they had to dump their chamber pots out by hand.  With today’s technology, we can build homes that in some ways would make these kings jealous!


2) Marciac/St. Josephine: the French Countryside: we stayed at an incredible bed & breakfast, hosted by the lovely Brits  Bruce & Jennifer in the beautiful French farming area.  I don’t know if these pictures will do, but it was even more beautiful than we hoped.  I feel like the word “bucolic” was invented to describe this area.


3) Pyrenees Mountains: we drove through a pretty daunting Pass to cross the border.  It reminded me a lot of Snoqualmie Pass (near Seattle)- the elevation of the pass is a little higher (1489m to 925m).



Now, a few days in Barcelona, and then up the Riviera and back to Paris!





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1 Response to Paris to Barcelona Trip (Day 7 of Europe/ Anniversary Trip)

  1. elliekniffin says:

    Oh, I am so happy for you! What a fabulous trip! Glad you choose to drive, you can “experience” so much when traveling on your on. Your B & B looked wonderful.
    Glad to get your post and photos.
    Happy and safe travels!!

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