Evie reads her first book



Like a lot of parents, we’ve been working on reading with Evie for several years- first letters, then sounds, then putting sounds together, letter recognition… it’s all connected, and a long process.

It’s with great pride, then, when you see these things come together.  “Pie for Chuck” is, admittedly, a very “entry-level” book (I think it has a total of 25 words!), but it is a book nonetheless. And, while there are a lot of clues as to what the words on the page are (the language is very predictable, and the pictures tell you a lot of what’s going on in the book), the reader nevertheless has to make some decisions as to what that word is…. well, that’s reading!

What’s especially pleasing to me is that this reinforces all the other word-work we do with her. It’s a very boring way to learn, just to show flashcards showing basic words or letters… it’s much more interesting to READ the words in a story, in a way that is funny or meaningful.

Here’s to more reading, storytelling,  and fun with words




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2 Responses to Evie reads her first book

  1. elliekniffin says:

    Wow, Evie!
    So happy for you! I hope you enjoy reading like your sister and you Mom and Dad do.
    Much love 💕 Oma

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