Orcas Island


In what could become a tradition for us, we are spending a long weekend at Uncle Dan & Aunt Vicki’s (thanks, uncle Dan & aunt Vicki!!!) condo on Orcas Island.  Orcas is, quite simply, one of our favorite places on earth.  And when I say “one of our favorites”, I mean that quite literally, we each love it in a different way:

  • As a couple: Cyn & I came here on our first date.  It holds a very special memory for us.
  • The girls: love this place, especially the resort we are at, because there are lots of open spaces and they don’t get this type of autonomy, often
  • Cyn: loves that we are near the water
  • Me: the islands are my favorite part of the Cascadia region, and Orcas is one of my favorite islands

and, because this is something we have done before, it has the extra-special feeling of this becoming a tradition or ritual for us.  That’s really special because the feelings and meanings come back to you as soon as you get on the ferry.

Finally, this place is just… special.  I’ve described it before as a “thin place”… a term used by monastics to describe a physical setting where distinction between the natural/physical world & the spiritual world seems flimsy and thin.  You feel closer to God, and to the things you’ve been telling yourself “I need to do this!”… a day here is worth several elsewhere.  Time slows down, and you feel refreshed.











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