Selin Weekend in Leavenworth

Another Kniffin family ritual: this year marked the 10th Selin Weekend in Leavenworth (although we haven’t documented as much as we should have; it appears the last time we wrote a post about it was in 2012).

first leavenworth weekend

Each summer, we come to Mountain Springs Lodge in Plain, WA (outside Leavenworth) to be with Cynthia’s extended family, on her Mom’s side.  ~90 people attend.  o mark how much of a tradition it’s become, here’s me & Cyn, attending our first weekend…  in 2007, 11 years ago, before we were married…

As you might be able to imagine, 10 years of getting together creates quite a tradition.  It feels as though each time-section of the weekend has something to expect: when meals are, when singing is, breaking up into small groups to share how life is and pray for each other, the ‘Selin Family Olympics’, all-group games,… you get the idea.  There’s even expectations of when certain Uncles/Aunts are going to say ___________, or when another person is going to do something crazy (people are predictable… are they not? :)).

So, I suppose the lesson of it all is about ritual: the familiar patterns of activity and association that tell you, ‘you belong’… such familiarity tells you that the world is a predictable place that has meaning, and that you have carved out a place within it.

That’s a great gift to give your kids: stability and love from a community that loves them.  But, (and maybe this is obvious), it’s also a great gift to give yourself, as an adult… for the same reasons!



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