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Abigail quoting Ghandi at Dinner…

Me: a good rule for this family is: “if you can do it yourself, go ahead. Don’t wait for mom or dad to do it for you. Abbey: that’s sort of like what Ghandi: “we must be the change we … Continue reading

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Here we Go, part 2

Seattle Public Schools starts kindergartners a few days later than the other grades.  Which means we are obliged to do two “first day of school” pictures.  

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Here we go… the first day of 3rd grade

Along with parents across the country, the existential dread of time’s passing occurs for me as I realize my baby Abigail is now over half way done with elementary school.      

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Evelyn, while pouting

-You have never cared about me -I’m starting to think I don’t want to be with them. -my parents just make me feel miserable

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