Dance Chance: a cool opportunity for Abbey

A few weeks ago, Abbey got accepted into a very cool program: “DanceChance” is put on by the Pacific NW Ballet (the pre-eminent ballet in Seattle) as a way to teach/give access to high-quality dance instruction to children in the city.  Out of 20 elementary schools, just a handful of 3rd graders qualified to make it.  It’s an exciting opportunity.

Over the next few months, Abbey will bus to the PNWB to practice with some of their best teachers (here they are, below, with their teachers for the first time).  If she makes another cut (this winter), she’ll have a chance to perform in the 2019 Nutcracker Ballet.

As a Dad, this is one of the first real “breaks” Abbey has gotten, and as such, it’s momentous.  On one hand, she performed well enough for someone to notice and appreciate her.  On the other hand, that also means that she’s old enough to get “cut” from something in a few months.  On the ride home, we spent a lot of time talking about the ups and downs, pressures and joys, of performing and competition.

She assured me she would be fine… I’m still skeptical.



the young dancers in front of their new instructors

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