Double Date Night: Cooking Class W D&C

a few weeks ago, (at the end of October), we followed through on a Christmas present we gave to D&C- a cooking class!


On one hand, you could say ‘why did it take so long to make good on a present you gave 11 months earlier? That’s a totally reasonable question, but to be honest it really epitomizes where we are in life, right now.  Everything in life takes deliberation, planning, stick-to-it-tive-ness, and intention.  So it was with D&C.

But, as is also the case in life these days, it was very worth it.  What a fun class!  This class was on “Weekend Brunches” and taught 5 recipes, including maple cinnamon rolls, savory scones, and shukshaka.  We spent 2.5 hours cooking the food, and then ate it in 10 minutes.

As you might expect, the real value of a night like this is the time spent with people you care about.  When you can find time to actually do things, and interact with each other… it makes it an enriching experience.  One night like this feels like it’s worth several nights of other interactions.

Here’s to finding more enriching experiences with those you love.


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