Hawaii: Activities

It’s tempting to not want to do anything other than sit in the sun and feel the breeze here.  Eric, my brother in law, remarked yesterday while we were at the beach how perfect the air quality & water temperature were: “if you had weather controls at your fingertips, and could manipulate each exactly, you couldn’t make it any more comfortable than this!”

that being said, the Big Island is a pretty amazing place, and there’s an amazing amount to explore.  To balance that with relaxing, we’ve had a few strategic excursionsn (see pictures, below):

  1. Mauna Kea summit: the top of the Big Island is (one of) the best places on earth to view the stars.  For this reason, ~15 countries have put high-powered telescopes on top of the mountain to view celestial activity.  It is also one of the few places where you can drive to the top of a 14K mountain (similar to driving to the top of Mount Rainier).
  2. Snorkeling on Kealakekua Bay (Captain Cook Monument): the place where Captain Cook died is also a pretty amazing place to snorkel.  Apparently, much of the coral reef at the beginning of the movie Finding Nemo is based on this area.
  3. Dolphins swimming at the Hilton
  4. YWAM Worldwide Headquarters: we’ve long been fans of YWAM, and know many people who have been a part of their work around the world.  So it was a special pleasure to visit their main world campus as ~500 new students came in from around the world the night before.



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