The End of the school year

Well, we are here!  Abbey and Evie say good bye to kindergarten and 3rd grade…

and that makes them officially: first grader & 4th grader… crazy!!! I know every parent says this, several times a week, as they watch their kids grow up, but: “wow!  time keeps moving, and my kids are growing up!”  I’m reminded of it every day.

This should probably be two or three separate posts, but I’m putting pictures and videos from all the big end-of-the-year moments.  That includes:

  • Abbey & Evie performing at the Hawthorne Elementary Talent Show, done every year. Their act this year was a rendition of the poem “Each Peach, Pear, Plum”, by Janet & Allen Alber.  They worked really hard on it
  • Kindergarten Graduation: no one ever told me how emotional a graduation from Kindergarten could be!  I had another parent tell me something like: this graduation is the most important one until HS graduation… and I thought that might actually be true. 🙂 Evie and her class sang Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” but switched the lyrics to say “First Grade, First Grade!”… it’s very cute, when you think about it
  • Abbey & Evie’s end-of-year dance performance with Rainier Dance Center.  This is a big deal- 1000+ parents come to see this performance, and they rent out the Renton Performance Theater.

Again, I put these all together because I didn’t have the mental space to make a separate entry for each one.








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