Visiting Great Grandma Selin

This week, we got the chance to visit Great Grandma Selin, who just moved into a senior living facility just north of the city. Great Grandma is one of the strongest people I know, and it took her a long time of deliberation before she decided it was time to move from her house. She is currently 89 years old.

I’m so happy that the girls got to visit their Great Grandma (or Muumu, which is Finnish for grandmother) . They don’t realize it yet (you never do when you’re young), but they’re developing a relationship with an amazing woman, at an important time in their life. To them, Grandma just decided to move to a really cool and beautiful place. But as they look back, they will recognize the importance of this move, and the simple fact that they had a warm relationship with their Great Grandma.

We particularly loved when Great Grandma was telling Abigail stories about HER grandparents, who lived in a sod house in the Midwest immediately after they immigrated from Finland, around the turn of the century. Abigail was able to make the connection to what she had read in Little House on the Prairie, so knowing that her own ancestors had done the same was exciting!

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