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Ye Medieval Village

Well, I didn’t see this one coming. Yesterday, Aunt Colleen invited us to a Medieval Village, which was actually in the nearby town of Carnation, as they celebrated the holiday of Michelmasse. How could we say no? What we found … Continue reading

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Just those little glimpses of who they are…

I asked Evie why she picked the book she picked to read. She said Because it’s big It’s an adult book, And I like to pretend I can read adult books It’s about Jesus

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A very Abigail moment

Last night, I was tired and ready to go to bed around 10.30 (my normal time). I get to my room and realize the desk light is on. Who is working at my desk? It’s my 9 year old daughter, … Continue reading

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The Little Big things

Today, Evie spent an hour making a present for Cyn & me. She said the drawing is her family, and she said she drew it because she’s proud to be a part of this family. It’s little- the drawing took … Continue reading

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First Day of School, 2019

Here we go…

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“What if God was your only Treasure?”

We are in a really cool season with the girls, where they are really starting to understand theological concepts. For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading Jesus’ parables to them for bed-time stories. And, here’s the thing: the girls … Continue reading

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