“What if God was your only Treasure?”

We are in a really cool season with the girls, where they are really starting to understand theological concepts. For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading Jesus’ parables to them for bed-time stories. And, here’s the thing: the girls are really getting them! Tonight, the parable was about the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (we read the passage from Luke 18). They really grab on to the key concepts, come up with amazing insights (some of which I hadn’t thought of, before), and ask powerful questions.

This is especially true for Abigail, who is obviously farther along then Evie in terms of comprehension. It’s a profound joy to hear her talk about what she learns from these stories, and the number of applications she sees in her own life. As is often the case, if I just listen really hard, I will learn a lot. But if I only listen with the intention of responding and giving her the “right answer”, I will miss out on her beautiful insights.

But the real story is with Evie. Sometimes, I am not sure how much she actually understands of the parables/ stories we are reading. But tonight, she was quite insightful. The phrase she kept repeating (and came up with, wholly to herself) was, “what if God was your only treasure, and nothing else?” First off, I think this question gets at the heart of the story really well. But second, I’m just impressed that she comes up with this original phrase on her own.

There’s a phrase that my parent-friends throw around a lot, these days: “the days are long, but the years are short”. This makes so much sense to me. From day to day, things are chaotic and sometimes there is friction. But when I hear the girls able to elucidate these concepts so well, I think that these are like spiritual seeds that are being sown in their heart, that will, over time, root their hearts in God.

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