Halloween 2019

And so arrives Halloween. And, with it (and a few birthdays), I think it’s safe to say that the “Holiday Season” has begun.

To me, the biggest thing that occurs to me for this Holiday Season is the idea of ritual. Rituals, as this blog makes a point of emphasizing, are those things we do over and over again on purpose, until “they make us”. When we do things over and over again, they become so ingrained in us, that they form our character… they begin to become part of the way we do things, we expect things, and we see things. In a circular way, the decisions we make, end up coming around to make us right back.

As I think about Halloween, for example, many of the things we do to celebrate it are cyclical. We watch the same movies, carve the same pumpkins, drink the same drinks, use the same pumpkin-carving tools, listen to the same “scary music“, go to the same Lions’ Club event that Opa helped plan, and go to the same friends’ house (the one on the ‘good Halloween block’)… so much so that the kids can predict what’s going to happen next!

And yet, though you might expect that the same things = boring… it’s actually the opposite. The habitual nature of these rituals make them stronger in our mind, and give us a sense of who we are, and what we care about.

Here’s to Holidays. And to rituals.

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