Holiday Season, 2019… has begun!

I really feel that that holiday season, when you have kids in ours’ age range, begins around Halloween. You can just feel the energy being the same, and the excitement of decorations, lights, and the shortening day giving a similar feel to the season. Plus, who doesn’t like having a longer Holiday Season? 🙂

But however you gauge it, it began in earnest this weekend, with two special Christmas events for the 3 Kniffin families.  It was very special to spend quality time with the family.

For the kiddos, we went to a performance of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, which was quite good. I wondered, going into it, how you make a 20 minute tv show into a 90 minute play. The answer: good dancing, and a sing along at the end. We followed the performance by going to a local video arcade, which the kids are really beginning to love.

For the adults (picture above), we went to a “Sacred Sounds of the Season,” performed by the Seattle Pacific University musical ensemble.  2500 attendees came to Seattle’s Benaroya Hall (for non-Seattle-ites, this is our main venue for operas & orchestras).



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