Evelyn’s Dedication

This past Sunday, Evelyn was dedicated to the Lord during the service at Rainier Avenue Church.  It is a bit embarrassing to me that she wasn’t dedicated until the age of seven (as you can see from the picture, everyone else being dedicated with her was under the age of two) since our entire lives are centered around our Christian faith but as I’ve reflected on it, I think a couple of factors have played a part.  1) Tim and I disagree about infant vs. believer’s baptism – our only major theological difference, I think – so we ended up just completely putting off the decision about whether to have her baptized or dedicated and 2) We moved when she was a baby and weren’t sure whether to have her dedicated in the church we had been going to for several years or in the church we knew we would become a part of.

Evelyn's Dedication

In any case, it is an important occasion and good to publicly declare that Evelyn is the Lord’s and that we intend to raise her to know and love Him. We are also thankful for the family of believers around us who will influence and guide her as she grows.

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