A Night Out

Tonight, we celebrated Cyn’s birthday (technically not til Sunday, but this was the best night to celebrate it). Before we actually got to the restaurant, Cyn & I figured that the most we had ever spent on a single meal for the two of us, was $150. Well, safe to say, we blew our record out of the water tonight.

Our dear friends (also known as our “small group” at church- the people we meet regularly with for sharing, bible study, prayer, and regular companionship) gifted us with a night at Canlis, one of Seattle’s best known dining experiences. Thanks, guys- We love you!

You know, we love experiences, restaurants, celebrations, etc… But I’m not sure we’ve ever experienced something like this. I was thinking that the reason Canlis has such a great reputation is because of the food. Of course, the food was great! But what we really marveled at was the full-on experience of being there, from beginning to end. It felt like every minute we were there, they had prepared a lovely experience, from the way they spoke, asked questions, anticipated our questions/needs…. you name it. At any rate, it was special.

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1 Response to A Night Out

  1. elliekniffin says:

    Wow! What a lovely, 💕 ❤️ 💗 gift!! We are happy you had such a wonderful evening given to you by your dear friends. Very special celebration for a special lady!!
    Happy Birthday 🎂🎊🎈 Cynthia.

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