The Leprachaun Trap (COVID #3)

One of the more sturdy trends in education over the last decade has been in “project based learning”. The idea is this is more like learning in real life. Projects are about something you are inherently interested in. Rather than an abstract word problem, it is something you genuinely want to solve. It also involves a lot of mini- problems- (“what else do we need?”, or “what does success look like?)

Well, I think we are going to loon for a lot of projects to solve during this home-bound time. In the mean while, this was a very minor , and very enjoyable project. it was a lot of fun to see the girls tell us parents what “should” go into a leprachaun trap, and where each little part should go.

Things are beginning to come together. Atira LLC, we are coming up with our own rhythm of what happens in the morning, evening, afternoon…

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