My shawl

I made my first shawl today. I got the fabric from Oma’s fabric box, in the play room. I sewed it together on the weekend, I put a button on it the next day, and hemmed it today. Altogether, it took me ~5 days when I was in the work-process, to make (but I didn’t make it in 5 days total; some days, I didn’t work). I really like it, and am enclosing a photo of it.

I like it a lot. Probably because me and my friend like playing “the olden days” together, and they used shawls a lot then, and not coats. I need to hem the ends where I sewed the fabric together (I used two bits of fabric)

What inspired me to make the shawl is probably that all of my sisters were playing a game in my tree-house, and all of them had shawls in the game. So I decided to get out my safety-pin shawl (it was safety-pinned at the time), and then I decided I would take out the safety pins in the back, and I would sew it together. It worked: I had a shawl.

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1 Response to My shawl

  1. elliekniffin says:

    Oh Abigail,
    Your Shaw is lovely!
    Great job, Abbey!!
    Love, Oma ❤️✔️

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