Bible quizzing: one of my proudest accomplishments

Last fall, Dad got me into Bible quizzing. He had been bugging me for a year about it, and he and Mom decided that this year (last year) was the year. I didn’t want to go at first, but by the third practice I thought it was kinda cool. I am (according to my mom) a really good memorizer, so I didn’t have much trouble memorizing the book of John. At first it was a little tricky balancing everything out, but it turned out all right. I got to know my fellow quizzers, and it was a good way for me to connect with people in COVID.

The practices started out live, but due to cold weather and COVID, we had to do them virtually. But right before our last competition (Live, happily) we got to do our first live practice of the year. By this time, we all knew each other pretty well, and we were friends. We had a great time jumping off the chairs and running around the parking lot. It was wonderful to not have to stare at a screen for an hour and a half after dinner on Mondays.

It was a little tricky getting me to the live quiz, and not only because it was in Moses Lake, which is about a three hour drive away. My mom was in Arizona, celebrating her sister’s birthday. My dad was stuck taking care of all four of us kids for five days. Fortunately, our quiz instructor, Dan, kindly volunteered to take me there. He was picking up one of the Quiz Masters, and he could pick me up afterward. I woke up at 6:08,gulped down some scrambled eggs, and grabbed my bag. We got to Moses Lake at around 8:25,and got to the church at around 9:00. We quizzed, ate lunch, and quizzed more. After the finals, there was the awards ceremony. My team came in third place, and I came in sixth for finals, with one question answered. (That is not my best, my best is third place with five questions answered, otherwise known as a quiz-out.) I won two medals, and one certificate (No, not to the ice cream parlor). I got the Positive Splits award. (See picture above. That is me holding my certificate.) That means that I got better and better every quiz. It has something to with a running term, but I forget it. I also got a tiny sculpture of a jeweled frog. It opens. His name is King Froggyface, but he is an undercover spy so I can’t tell you his real name. ( I will post a picture later.)

I don’t know if I will join the team this year, but I have a long time to think about it I liked interacting and making new friends, but I don’t know if everyone from this year will be there next year. But even if I don’t join again, it was definitely a memorable experience that I will hold onto forever.

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