The Inaugural Brotherhood Family Weekend

This last week was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of 3 families being able to spend time together. We went to Nashville to spend 5 days with Uncle Ras & Uncle Maas & their families. Maas & Ras & I have been taking trips with each other for 20+ years. Each time we get together (even 20 years ago!), we dreamt of not just having a life-long friendship, but our families (and our kids) knowing each other, too.  But it was always difficult to pull off: Calendars matching, kids’ activities, cost of travel, what to do… all these things got in our way. So I was immensely proud that we were able to, for the first time, pull off a trip that was for all 3 families.

I come from the Middle of the Country. This “middle-ness” has always resonated with me, but none so much as over the last year. Though I love living on the West Coast, there are just some things that the West Coast doesn’t get: things like friendliness, belief, neighborliness, and earnestness. And I miss those things. The West Coast is filled with many wonderful things, but it’s missing some great things too. So it is with great pleasure that we were able to organize a trip with Uncle Ras & Uncle Maas. The fam would get a chance to spend some quality time in the Middle of the Country!

But there’s nothing that could have made me happier than genuine connections being made. A&E said that their favorite part of the trip was that “they got a chance to meet their cousins” (“cousins” here meaning the children from the other two families), and loved meeting Aunt Amy & Beth, and that they were looking forward to other such gatherings. Hearing these connections being made makes all the difference.

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