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And here is Aunt Colleen giving a much better account of our days together.

Here is the link to their blog post: Really lovely reflections from aunt Colleen on what we experienced together at Yellowstone

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Life is what happens when you’re making plans (glacier/ Yellowstone #3)

Well, this was one of those days that acts as a parable. We are here at arguably the most famous park in the country, with dozens of amazing sights to see, with our cousins the seward park Kniffins. You would … Continue reading

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Stop 1: glacier National Park

Park 1: Glacier National Park (Glacier/Yellowstone Entry #2)Of all the parks I talk about to others, Glacier is the one that gets the most excitement. There are other, more popular parks, but Glacier has a special mixture of mountains, mixture … Continue reading

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… and, we’re off! Yellowstone/ Glacier Road trip, #1

Summer is here. And though COVID has limited our options, most of the info on what’s safest is to stay outside. So, we’re heading East (which is West for most Americans), to the wide open spaces of Glacier National Park, … Continue reading

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Exit Interviews: 1st & 4th Grade

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Evie sayings: “I think I might give this ring to Isaac for an engagement ring”

Evie is holding one of her toy plastic rings, as she is cleaning out her room. Isaac is our cousin Isaac Impola, who is 18. I’m pretty sure this comes from Evie’s incredibly generous heart, and how much she hates … Continue reading

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Kniffin Men Hike (brother Eric- you were missed!)

For Opas 77th birthday, we went on a short hike together. These are the days you remember… 🙂

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Memorial Day Road Trip

This weekend, we took a 3 day trip exploring the state in our car. This route was filled with sites that we are quite familiar with and have visited several times (North Cascades, Leavenworth, Chelan), along with a few items … Continue reading

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Twelve years in…

On a hot (still record breaking for may in Seattle- we hit 94 degrees!) May Day, 12 years ago, we got married. Today, we remember that lovely day by taking a hike up Poo Poo point on a lovely (albeit … Continue reading

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Leavenworth trip, COVID life: some sort of equilbrium

Today we took an 8-hour, scenic road trip, complete with little walks, scenic vistas, ‘going out to eat,’ car-games and lots of reading. It was relatively unplanned; Cyn came up with the idea yesterday. But it was one of those … Continue reading

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