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Honoring Make-Believe

I’ve always had a reverence for playing in pretend. Honestly, I get a sensation out of playing pretend with kids that is really hard to describe. It’s kind of like a cross between goose-bumps and a “hum”/vibration feeling I get … Continue reading

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Christmas 2019: Happy Christmas, and Happy Decade!

Dear Loved Ones, Merry Christmas! And happy end-of-the-decade! And welcome to the 2020’s! (It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?). Before we tell you a little about us, we want to make sure we tell you: love and peace to all of … Continue reading

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Holiday Weekend on snoqualmie pass

Well, the holidays are officially here. And though the Kniffin Family has always enjoyed each other’s presence, there was a general consensus this weekend that the kids are getting to an age where they both need less supervision, and add … Continue reading

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Holiday Season, 2019… has begun!

I really feel that that holiday season, when you have kids in ours’ age range, begins around Halloween. You can just feel the energy being the same, and the excitement of decorations, lights, and the shortening day giving a similar … Continue reading

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Weekend with Good Friends

Ras & Maas came to visit this weekend, and we visited Uncle Dan & Aunt Vicki’s cabin on Orcas Island (thanks, as always, Dan & Vicki!!!) Friends are important; maybe one of the most important things. CS Lewis’ quote rings … Continue reading

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Evie quotes: “ I have more friends than I can count”

Said in earnest, this does not sound to the ear quite as arrogant as it might read on the page

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Halloween 2019

And so arrives Halloween. And, with it (and a few birthdays), I think it’s safe to say that the “Holiday Season” has begun. To me, the biggest thing that occurs to me for this Holiday Season is the idea of … Continue reading

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