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Sister conversation

A: Evie, i think the habit YOU need to focus on this month is FOCUS. You need to concentrate more. (She says this without a hint of irony)

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Christmas miracle: our first snow of the year on Christmas Eve

It is a beautiful snow, and it just started an hour ago.

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Christmas Letter, 2017

I know it’s cliche, but it seems all we can do to just to put a few words to all the life happening around us! I suppose I’m glad for Christmas letters, which force you to think & reflect a … Continue reading

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Abbey quotes:

A: “When I grow up, I’m going to be a music star. And going to make a song that BLOWS Taylor swift’s mind AWAY. ” Me: “wow, how are you going to accomplish that?” Abbey: “you’ll see”

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Evie learning her letters

Evie has shown a great interest in understanding and improving her letters, recently. (Part of this is consistent work with opa!). This last few months, she consistently asks for help with writing and sounding out letters.  Here she is, writing … Continue reading

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Evelyn jokes

Q: Why did the log sing in the mouth? A: Because the human wanted it’s teeth to get rusty Why did the human jumpin the volcano? Because he wanted swim in hot lava Abigail’s jokes: Q: What instrument does a … Continue reading

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Scenes from Evie’s 5th birthday party weekend

This gallery contains 8 photos.


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