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Happy birthday, lovely girl

Abigail turned 9, a few hours ago. Here we are with a very special view, off the Mendocino coast. Advertisements

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The End of the school year

Well, we are here!  Abbey and Evie say good bye to kindergarten and 3rd grade… and that makes them officially: first grader & 4th grader… crazy!!! I know every parent says this, several times a week, as they watch their … Continue reading

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Here we Go, part 2

Seattle Public Schools starts kindergartners a few days later than the other grades.  Which means we are obliged to do two “first day of school” pictures.  

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Evie reads her first book

    Like a lot of parents, we’ve been working on reading with Evie for several years- first letters, then sounds, then putting sounds together, letter recognition… it’s all connected, and a long process. It’s with great pride, then, when … Continue reading

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Bookmark Day: we finish Chronicles of Narnia

So, this was pretty cool.  We actually started reading Narnia a few years ago, and we got through 3 books.  I knew Abbey was into it, but I wasn’t sure how much.  And I was confident that the concepts were … Continue reading

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Abbey’s birthday party

  Abbey’s birthday parties, because she was born in July, have always been festive occasions with great weather.  Today was no different, and we decided to take advantage of Seattle’s “Bicycle Sundays“, where they close down some of the roads … Continue reading

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Evelyn’s t ball season 

In their wisdom, the Seattle Youth Baseball league elected to start baseball a year early- for four year olds, this year.  Evie’s friends decided to join, so she did too. Things started off absolutely delightful.  For the first 2-3 weeks, … Continue reading

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