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Evies theological questions

Why did god send Jesus to hell? (After hearing apostles creed) Has God always existed? What was before God created the world? What does “hallowed” mean? Will Gods kingdom “come on earth, as in heaven” before I die?

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Resistance from the kiddos

I said at the outset of this trip that i thought this was the first year our girls could really get something out of this trip.  That’s proven to be true, in more ways than one.  On the positive side, … Continue reading

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Stop #1: Redwoods (West Coast Road Trip)

So, we arrived at the first of the 3 major Parks that comprise the building blocks of this trip, and it was amazing! Would you believe I had a few friends tell me there wasn’t much to seeing the redwoods? … Continue reading

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Breakout Day for some Learning Ski-ers

  Tim called it a “breakout day” of skiing with Abigail and Evelyn.    It was a breakout because, up to this day,  his girls had been generally unenthusiastic attitude about  skiing. In the previous winter,  Abigail got to be comfortable … Continue reading

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Evie learning to write

With as much as we do on this site to chart the comings and goings of the family, i still get frustrated that I don’t capture everything important. This is very much the case with Evie and her reading/ writing … Continue reading

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Dance Chance: a cool opportunity for Abbey

A few weeks ago, Abbey got accepted into a very cool program: “DanceChance” is put on by the Pacific NW Ballet (the pre-eminent ballet in Seattle) as a way to teach/give access to high-quality dance instruction to children in the … Continue reading

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Here we go… the first day of 3rd grade

Along with parents across the country, the existential dread of time’s passing occurs for me as I realize my baby Abigail is now over half way done with elementary school.      

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