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This category pretty much explains itself: this is the type of thing we would have (or, perhaps, already have) posted on Facebook if we did a lot of it. Facebook posts are typically short and involve picture(s) of an outing. There’s not a lot of explanation involved- this is just something we wanted you to see because it was fun.

The girls’ Christmas lists 2018

  Evelyn’s list:       Abbey’s list:       Advertisements

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Like Daughter, like Father

Abbey came home from school today and told me about a poem she picked out in school to recite to her class.  She told the name of the poem: It’s the poem “Smart”, by Shel Silverstein. I got a big … Continue reading

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Night at the Nutcracker


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Evelyn says…

Evelyn :Are you sure uncle Scott lives on the same continent!? Abigail:Of course he does. Evelyn:Does he live on earth? Abigail:Of course. Evelyn:Well,I think he lives on Mars. (P.S.: If you”re allergic to jokes, you probably shouldn’t read this.)

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Thanksgiving Weekend Memories

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The Girls take me to Their Beauty Salon

On Wednesdays, Clip and I take care of Tim and Cynthia’s girls, Abbey and Evie. We often read, draw, make a craft, they dress up or play music. Today they played ‘Beauty Parlor’ in the laundry room. They spray my … Continue reading

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Double Date Night: Cooking Class W D&C

a few weeks ago, (at the end of October), we followed through on a Christmas present we gave to D&C- a cooking class! On one hand, you could say ‘why did it take so long to make good on a … Continue reading

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