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This category pretty much explains itself: this is the type of thing we would have (or, perhaps, already have) posted on Facebook if we did a lot of it. Facebook posts are typically short and involve picture(s) of an outing. There’s not a lot of explanation involved- this is just something we wanted you to see because it was fun.

And here is Aunt Colleen giving a much better account of our days together.

Here is the link to their blog post: Really lovely reflections from aunt Colleen on what we experienced together at Yellowstone

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Life is what happens when you’re making plans (glacier/ Yellowstone #3)

Well, this was one of those days that acts as a parable. We are here at arguably the most famous park in the country, with dozens of amazing sights to see, with our cousins the seward park Kniffins. You would … Continue reading

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Stop 1: glacier National Park

Park 1: Glacier National Park (Glacier/Yellowstone Entry #2)Of all the parks I talk about to others, Glacier is the one that gets the most excitement. There are other, more popular parks, but Glacier has a special mixture of mountains, mixture … Continue reading

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Evie sayings: “I think I might give this ring to Isaac for an engagement ring”

Evie is holding one of her toy plastic rings, as she is cleaning out her room. Isaac is our cousin Isaac Impola, who is 18. I’m pretty sure this comes from Evie’s incredibly generous heart, and how much she hates … Continue reading

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Leavenworth trip, COVID life: some sort of equilbrium

Today we took an 8-hour, scenic road trip, complete with little walks, scenic vistas, ‘going out to eat,’ car-games and lots of reading. It was relatively unplanned; Cyn came up with the idea yesterday. But it was one of those … Continue reading

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Spring Day Party

The girls planned a “first day of spring” party today. All day, they prepared: They cooked special food, they decorated their room, and counted down the minutes until spring actually began. (Cyn told them that spring officially began at 9pm; … Continue reading

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The Leprachaun Trap (COVID #3)

One of the more sturdy trends in education over the last decade has been in “project based learning”. The idea is this is more like learning in real life. Projects are about something you are inherently interested in. Rather than … Continue reading

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Girls’ new interest/ Projects (COVID #2)

Well, things sure are interesting here in seattle. (I’m assuming it’s similar outside of seattle, but because we are one of the “hot spots” right now). We are working on a Kniffin Plan for what life is like while staying … Continue reading

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COVID diary (#1 of many, I’m assuming)

ÑCyn estimates we have 150 books & cd’s checked out from the library. The max they will allow us 200, and she thinks we got close. Seattle public libraries closed today for an unknown amout of time, so we made … Continue reading

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Landmarks: We Become Foster Parents

When Cyn & I met, we quickly established (well before deciding to get married) that we thought adoption was something we both aspired to. “2 biological children, and two adopted children” was more or less our vision. As time went … Continue reading

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