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Gatherings (Hawaii Journal)

So far on this vacation journal, we’ve talked about a few key elements related to what it takes to make a good trip: fun, togetherness, experiences, and sights.  (Those all overlap in one way or another, but there’s distinctions in … Continue reading

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Hawaii: Activities

It’s tempting to not want to do anything other than sit in the sun and feel the breeze here.  Eric, my brother in law, remarked yesterday while we were at the beach how perfect the air quality & water temperature … Continue reading

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Hawaii 2: the house

Well, we are here.  and it’s nice to be here.  This is my (and Abbey’s, and Evie’s) first time to Hawaii, so let me just say: it’s as nice as everyone makes it out to be.  I understand why people … Continue reading

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And, we’ re off!

The Impola family- all ~30 of us, are off to Hawaii for Spring Break. Abbey & Evie have now flown enough that they are not at all scared, and in fact quite excited, to be on the plane.

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Double Date Night: Cooking Class W D&C

a few weeks ago, (at the end of October), we followed through on a Christmas present we gave to D&C- a cooking class! On one hand, you could say ‘why did it take so long to make good on a … Continue reading

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Orcas Island

In what could become a tradition for us, we are spending a long weekend at Uncle Dan & Aunt Vicki’s (thanks, uncle Dan & aunt Vicki!!!) condo on Orcas Island.  Orcas is, quite simply, one of our favorite places on … Continue reading

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A day in a City i Love

It means a lot to have the kiddos see and experience things I was able to experience growing up, as well. All day long, I would say things like, “when I was your age, I went there w my dad, … Continue reading

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