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Snowpocalypse part 3: Disclaimer

  I can already hear the smirking responses!  To those of you readers who live in snowy climates (I’m looking at you, Canadians, Mid-Westerners, and East-Coasters!), I recognize that 1 foot doesn’t seem like an extraordinary event, in and of itself.  … Continue reading

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Snowpocalypse Update

Well, we are 48+ hours into the Snowpocalypse, and boy does it not disappoint!  So far, we have accumulated over 1 foot of snow, and there’s supposedly more to come.  Apparently, this is already the most snow Seattle has gotten … Continue reading

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The Snowpocalypse is upon us

Flakes are falling, beautifully, lightly on Seattle right now. It’s supposed to be the biggest snow we’ve had in decades… ur we will see how true that turns out to be. You know, it’s funny… this blog began, some 7 … Continue reading

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Orcas Island

In what could become a tradition for us, we are spending a long weekend at Uncle Dan & Aunt Vicki’s (thanks, uncle Dan & aunt Vicki!!!) condo on Orcas Island.  Orcas is, quite simply, one of our favorite places on … Continue reading

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Pretty cool neighborhood we live in…

Canadian thanksgiving was a favorite holiday of ours when we lived in Canada, so it warmed our hearts to see this in the town area of Columbia City, where we live.  Go canucks! 

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Saturday Daytrip on Bainbridge Island

We are in those beautiful, golden days of the transition of summer into fall. And, what do you know?, we had an open weekend day (when is the last time we had a free day??? 😶🤔😊) So we headed to … Continue reading

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8 Years In… celebrating our anniversary

  Celebrating Anniversary 2016 involved a “stay’cation” in Seattle: a few nights out on the town, a child-less weekend (thanks, family!!!), a day-hike, and re-connecting… sometimes, in ways it felt like we hadn’t since before the kids were born.  We … Continue reading

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Ten Year Anniversary of Arriving in the Northwest/ Cascadia

  At the beginning of 2006, a 27-year-old Tim Kniffin set out to go to seminary.  Up to this point, he had lived almost entirely in the Midwest.  But he had found a really intriguing seminary in Vancouver, BC- so … Continue reading

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Seasons Coming, Going

Our first frost of the Fall happened this morning, right on schedule.  Along with Daylight Savings bringing darkness earlier, and with a record amount of rain over the last month+ we have definitely transitioned away from summer and even “Indian … Continue reading

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Natural Habitat

Tonight I went on my first bike ride of the season, along Lake Washington to Seward Park and back.  It’s hard to articulate how good it was for my spirit.  The thought that kept coming to mind was that I … Continue reading

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