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Seasons Coming, Going

Our first frost of the Fall happened this morning, right on schedule.  Along with Daylight Savings bringing darkness earlier, and with a record amount of rain over the last month+ we have definitely transitioned away from summer and even “Indian … Continue reading

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Natural Habitat

Tonight I went on my first bike ride of the season, along Lake Washington to Seward Park and back.  It’s hard to articulate how good it was for my spirit.  The thought that kept coming to mind was that I … Continue reading

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A Good Night for Seattle

It’s a special thing to watch the Super Bowl with your team, who hasn’t participated in some time, plays and then wins. And then wins convincingly- suprisingly convincingly!  If that game doesn’t qualify as a “beatdown”, then I don’t know … Continue reading

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And so it Ends…

WWell, it was fun while it lasted.  We enjoyed “holing up” in our comfy house for a few days, with not too many options for going outside. But it’s back now to how it looked on Monday.  It was close … Continue reading

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The Snowpocalypse is Upon Us!

Well, it came as was foretold by the weathermen.  I was dubious, as the previous calls for snow became ice and then just slush within hours, as happens so often in the PNW.   But it came.

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Waiting for “Snowpocalypse”

  Well, yesterday they said it would be 15 inches and the worst snow Seattle had seen in many years.  Now they’ve gone down to “only” 8 inches… we are ready!

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Real Snow

Where I grew up (Chicago), snow was what happened December through April. Here, in Seattle, “snow” is what happens once or twice a year and is usually gone in a day. But I think this one is going to stick… … Continue reading

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This is Where we Live

Yesterday, someone was coming to visit our house and missed this turn.  It occurred to me that this was not the first time that someone had trouble getting to us… specifically with one particular turn.  That means that we have … Continue reading

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Car Trip in the city

Great day.  Fall in the NW is different than in the Midwest or on the East Coast (in my mind inferior).  But it is beautiful.

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