Tennis Camp, Family Camp Co-op

I was really excited when our friend Boo came up with the idea of doing a “Co-op Camp”- where a bunch of us families would coalesce our talents to make a multi-stage camp over the entire summer.  The idea is that, each parent would come up with something they could “lead a camp” with, and would welcome all of the other family’s kids into our camp. So far, we have: science, drama, art, and TENNIS (my contribution).  We are hoping this becomes a tradition, over the summers.

But I have to say it was really exciting to see my campers learn the basics of tennis. This is another one of those “I’ve been dreaming about this moment since they were born” moments that I have, as a dad. One of my favorite memories from growing up is when my Dad did this very thing with me, my brothers, and our friends. It was really cool for me to see my Dad interact with my friends, and to see him teach something they thought was important.  It made me think I’d like to do the same.

So, to my first stab at camp: I had five campers, all girls. You could tell there was a little bit of trepidation from the beginning (I got this confirmed from one of the moms: some of the campers are a little nervous around sports, in general.)  But they all told me that they had fun, and they wanted to do more.  You cannot get a higher compliment than that.

Camp went only three days… and one of the days was rained out.  But it was so much fun, getting back into teaching tennis… it made me think that this is only the very beginning, and that I’d love to see some blossoming tennis players out of this group. The most exciting thing for me about this camp was thinking about how much more these campers have to learn… and how much I’d love to teach them through the way!

To be continued… 🙂


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The End of the school year

Well, we are here!  Abbey and Evie say good bye to kindergarten and 3rd grade…

and that makes them officially: first grader & 4th grader… crazy!!! I know every parent says this, several times a week, as they watch their kids grow up, but: “wow!  time keeps moving, and my kids are growing up!”  I’m reminded of it every day.

This should probably be two or three separate posts, but I’m putting pictures and videos from all the big end-of-the-year moments.  That includes:

  • Abbey & Evie performing at the Hawthorne Elementary Talent Show, done every year. Their act this year was a rendition of the poem “Each Peach, Pear, Plum”, by Janet & Allen Alber.  They worked really hard on it
  • Kindergarten Graduation: no one ever told me how emotional a graduation from Kindergarten could be!  I had another parent tell me something like: this graduation is the most important one until HS graduation… and I thought that might actually be true. 🙂 Evie and her class sang Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” but switched the lyrics to say “First Grade, First Grade!”… it’s very cute, when you think about it
  • Abbey & Evie’s end-of-year dance performance with Rainier Dance Center.  This is a big deal- 1000+ parents come to see this performance, and they rent out the Renton Performance Theater.

Again, I put these all together because I didn’t have the mental space to make a separate entry for each one.








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Lake Michigan with friends




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The beginning of the Summer…

Like last year, we are making a trip out to the Midwest, to see good friends & family.

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Abbey quotes: Philosophy on Lies

” a lie is like a boomerang.  It always comes back to hit you”

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Actual Bed-time Conversations

Me: who was the guy who baptized Jesus?

Evie: I don’t know, but he liked honey… and bugs

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Evie’s conception of God

tonight, while Evelyn was talking about her prayers, she mentions that she pictures God when she prays.  This makes complete sense to me, as I know Evie has an very vivid imagination, and I’m always wondering what’s going on “up there”.


What follows did not disappoint.  God, according to Evie:

  • has a blue ski hat, with tassells
  • a yellow bathrobe
  • a big nose
  • wears bunny slippers
  • Pink Skin
  • is male


These moments are just priceless

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