Evelyn says…

Evelyn :Are you sure uncle Scott lives on the same continent!?

Abigail:Of course he does.

Evelyn:Does he live on earth?

Abigail:Of course.

Evelyn:Well,I think he lives on Mars.

(P.S.: If you”re allergic to jokes, you probably shouldn’t read this.)

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Thanksgiving Weekend Memories

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The Girls take me to Their Beauty Salon

On Wednesdays, Clip and I take care of Tim and Cynthia’s girls, Abbey and Evie. We often read, draw, make a craft, they dress up or play music.

Today they played ‘Beauty Parlor’ in the laundry room. They spray my hair with water, comb out all the curls, put some rollers in my hair and put on blush, eyeshadow & lips stick. Below you will see their stool with their beauty items.

Afterwards Abbey was my wardrobe consultant, choosing a dress, scarf, sweater that I had changed into. Evie likes to play Cinderella and mopped my kitchen floor!

Such a delight to have the grandchildren over.

Tomorrow Colleen may come over with her and Drew’s 4 children!

We are Blessed grandparents!







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Double Date Night: Cooking Class W D&C

a few weeks ago, (at the end of October), we followed through on a Christmas present we gave to D&C- a cooking class!


On one hand, you could say ‘why did it take so long to make good on a present you gave 11 months earlier? That’s a totally reasonable question, but to be honest it really epitomizes where we are in life, right now.  Everything in life takes deliberation, planning, stick-to-it-tive-ness, and intention.  So it was with D&C.

But, as is also the case in life these days, it was very worth it.  What a fun class!  This class was on “Weekend Brunches” and taught 5 recipes, including maple cinnamon rolls, savory scones, and shukshaka.  We spent 2.5 hours cooking the food, and then ate it in 10 minutes.

As you might expect, the real value of a night like this is the time spent with people you care about.  When you can find time to actually do things, and interact with each other… it makes it an enriching experience.  One night like this feels like it’s worth several nights of other interactions.

Here’s to finding more enriching experiences with those you love.


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Evie learning to write

With as much as we do on this site to chart the comings and goings of the family, i still get frustrated that I don’t capture everything important.

This is very much the case with Evie and her reading/ writing skills; we’ve done a pretty good job of chronicling her progress over the last year or two.  But the last month has really seen her come into bloom, recently.

Here she is writing a birthday card to her friend, Francie.

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Evie’s 6th time around the Sun

Evie chose for her birthday party theme: pinatas, unicorns, & donuts

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Date Night: Kubota Garden





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