The Leprachaun Trap (COVID #3)

One of the more sturdy trends in education over the last decade has been in “project based learning”. The idea is this is more like learning in real life. Projects are about something you are inherently interested in. Rather than an abstract word problem, it is something you genuinely want to solve. It also involves a lot of mini- problems- (“what else do we need?”, or “what does success look like?)

Well, I think we are going to loon for a lot of projects to solve during this home-bound time. In the mean while, this was a very minor , and very enjoyable project. it was a lot of fun to see the girls tell us parents what “should” go into a leprachaun trap, and where each little part should go.

Things are beginning to come together. Atira LLC, we are coming up with our own rhythm of what happens in the morning, evening, afternoon…

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Girls’ new interest/ Projects (COVID #2)

Well, things sure are interesting here in seattle. (I’m assuming it’s similar outside of seattle, but because we are one of the “hot spots” right now). We are working on a Kniffin Plan for what life is like while staying in our homes for a while. We’ve got the basic outlines done, and will finish it in the next day or two.

For now, we’ve encouraged the kids to think in terms of projects they really want to do. Abbey has chosen (to my surprise!) that she wants to learn how to knit/ sew, more. Here is her “business” sign, complete w tag-line

And here is Evie, who wants to work on cooking, with her cream puffs she just made:

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COVID diary (#1 of many, I’m assuming)

ÑCyn estimates we have 150 books & cd’s checked out from the library. The max they will allow us 200, and she thinks we got close. Seattle public libraries closed today for an unknown amout of time, so we made a dash to grab as many as we could. We, like much of the country, are going to be holed up for a while.

It’s COVID time.

We’re out of sorts, wondering what to make of all of this. But we’re hoping it will make more sense with time.

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Landmarks: We Become Foster Parents

When Cyn & I met, we quickly established (well before deciding to get married) that we thought adoption was something we both aspired to. “2 biological children, and two adopted children” was more or less our vision.

As time went on, and we explored options for adoption, we realized that being a Foster Parent really matched what we hoped for- for the child, for our family, and what we felt called to do.

Well, today marks a special day along that journey- we officially became licensed as Foster Care parents by the State of Washington. It’s a real milestone.

Where we go from here, we’re not quite sure. But we are now officially able to welcome a foster child into our house.

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A first: celebrating Shrove Tuesday at Oma & Opas church

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A Night Out

Tonight, we celebrated Cyn’s birthday (technically not til Sunday, but this was the best night to celebrate it). Before we actually got to the restaurant, Cyn & I figured that the most we had ever spent on a single meal for the two of us, was $150. Well, safe to say, we blew our record out of the water tonight.

Our dear friends (also known as our “small group” at church- the people we meet regularly with for sharing, bible study, prayer, and regular companionship) gifted us with a night at Canlis, one of Seattle’s best known dining experiences. Thanks, guys- We love you!

You know, we love experiences, restaurants, celebrations, etc… But I’m not sure we’ve ever experienced something like this. I was thinking that the reason Canlis has such a great reputation is because of the food. Of course, the food was great! But what we really marveled at was the full-on experience of being there, from beginning to end. It felt like every minute we were there, they had prepared a lovely experience, from the way they spoke, asked questions, anticipated our questions/needs…. you name it. At any rate, it was special.

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Kniffin Family Night

We have “Impola Family Nights” often, but because they are so large, it requires a bit of planning.

Today, on Presidents Day Weekend, we had an impromptu Kniffin Family Night at D&C’s house. It included s’mores, dinner, and an after-dinner dratic performance. As is often the case, the very fact that it wasn’t planned might have been the funnest part of it.

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