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Abbey quotes, on a bike ride at Smoky Mountains national park

A: we should stop at this log cabinMom: but we’ve already stopped at many cabins. Don’t you want to get going?A; but mom, seeing these cabins is like a history lesson in the summer . Combined with the biking, this … Continue reading

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Abbeys 11th birthday

Cyn remarked to me over the last few days that Abbey is becoming more and more of a mature young person (as opposed to “my little girl” which I always think of her as :)). From the ideas she is … Continue reading

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Abbeys graduation from elementary school

And so begins another milestone. I got a little in denial when I saw a poster that said “class of 2028” at abbeys party, and I thought “hey! That’s only 7 years away!!’ That can’t be right!”

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“It’s not because we wear skirts; it’s because we wear glasses” (abbey)

I was moved that abbey found this quote so exciting. It meant that she was excited about girls (/women) being appreciated for their intellect, and not just their looks. This quite comes from the movie “hidden figures”, which abbey just … Continue reading

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“I just LOVE playing video games” -abbey

Cyn got me a retro original NES (Nintendo entertainment system) for my birthday last week. It comes pre-packaged with 30 games, many of which evoke strong pleasant memories from childhood. Lately, we’ve been playing them together and it’s been fun … Continue reading

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Just found this in the house…

Not sure what it means, but I take it somebody is unhappy about something…

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Hi readers,it’s me, Abigail.I’m in fifth grade now and we just watched a documentary about biodiversity.humans are a big threat to the world.in 2030 global warming will be here to stay.we’ve lost 55 percent of the animal population this way.we … Continue reading

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“You are like… ‘MISTER List!’” -Abigail quotes

We’ve reached some type of milestone when your kids start making astute observations about your own personality

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Exit Interviews: 1st & 4th Grade

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A very Abigail moment

Last night, I was tired and ready to go to bed around 10.30 (my normal time). I get to my room and realize the desk light is on. Who is working at my desk? It’s my 9 year old daughter, … Continue reading

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