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The Little Big things

Today, Evie spent an hour making a present for Cyn & me. She said the drawing is her family, and she said she drew it because she’s proud to be a part of this family. It’s little- the drawing took … Continue reading

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Tonight, Evie asked, as she has a number of times – ‘When will the Kingdom of God come to Earth as it is in Heaven?” This is a particularly acute question for Evie, as she thinks and worries a lot, … Continue reading

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Evies theological questions

Why did god send Jesus to hell? (After hearing apostles creed) Has God always existed? What was before God created the world? What does “hallowed” mean? Will Gods kingdom “come on earth, as in heaven” before I die?

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Actual Bed-time Conversations

Me: who was the guy who baptized Jesus? Evie: I don’t know, but he liked honey… and bugs

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Evelyn: “hey, I just noticed something: we are all wearing pants!”

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The girls’ Christmas lists 2018

  Evelyn’s list:       Abbey’s list:      

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Evie learning to write

With as much as we do on this site to chart the comings and goings of the family, i still get frustrated that I don’t capture everything important. This is very much the case with Evie and her reading/ writing … Continue reading

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