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The Weekly Reporter: my new Newsletter

Last weekend, Evie was talking to K (our new foster brother) about his “birthday party” on Halloween night. (his birthday isn’t REALLY on Halloween; he just likes to imagine it so.) They got busy making posters and hanging them up … Continue reading

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E: “The only reason I’m happy for COVID…”

“Is that global warming is stopped and more family time”

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The back porch roof

Today we started building out the roof to our back porch. This will hopefully make the porch more use-able in colder months.

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Too young for this! (Overheard conversations)

A: I can’t wait til you’re 10 years old E: I can’t wait til I move out of the house A: I can’t wait til I move to Hollywood E: I can’t wait til I become a zombie

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Evelyns 8th birthday

Cyn coordinated a “kudo-board” for those who love Evie to wish her happy birthday. It’s a lovely way for many people to share a memory or express love. Here it is:

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Uncle Matt & Aunt Elizabeth’s Wedding

Uncle Matt & Elizabeth got married last weekend. An amazing event, will you really witness the stories of two amazing people come together. We’re happy to have an expansion in our family. It was also the First two days that … Continue reading

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Hi readers,it’s me, Abigail.I’m in fifth grade now and we just watched a documentary about biodiversity.humans are a big threat to the 2030 global warming will be here to stay.we’ve lost 55 percent of the animal population this way.we … Continue reading

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Conversations: maybe this foster thing isn’t so bad after all…

E: you know, I think having foster siblings isn’t so bad after all A: yeah, I kind of like our family being a circus E: now our family is as crazy as Ellie & Elliott’s family! A: yeah. I used … Continue reading

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Trust Funds

We’ve been emphasizing the kids (biological & otherwise) that “trust is earned”. And the way you earn trust is by being honest: to follow through on what you say you’ll do, or admit when you made a mistake, or to … Continue reading

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